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Collected here are reviews of books I have интересные экскурсии в Москве для взрослых fly fishing, fly tying, and stories about both. No hype, no paid endorsements, only my opinion of each book.

Latest Book Reviews

Tube Flies Two - Evolution Mark Mandell and Bob Kenly
Positive Fly Fishing Marla Blair
Lani Waller’s Steelhead Legacy Lani Waller

Previous Book Reviews

A Handbook of North Country Trout Flies Roger Fogg
A Passion for Steelhead Dec Hogan
A Perfect Fish, Illusions in Fly Tying Ken Abrames
A New Generation of Trout Flies Scott Sanchez
An Honest Angler Sparse Grey Hackle
Active Nymphing Rich Osthoff
Articulated Streamers with Kelly Galloup Kelly Galloup
Atlantic Salmon Flies, Postcards from Rivers Past Richard R. Twarog
Basic Fly Fishing Jon Rounds
Bass Bug Basics John M. Likakis
Bass Bug Fishing William G. Tapply
Bass Flies Dick Stewart
Beloved Waters Paul Ford
Best Streams for Great Lakes Steelhead Bob Linsenman
Bob Jacklin's Yellowstone Ties vol. 1 Bob Jacklin
Bogdan Graydon R. Hilyard
Bugs for Beginners Jay Buchner
Building Classic Salmon Flies Ron Alcott
Cannibal Trout Andrew Williams
Cane Rods, Tips & Tapers Ray Gould
Carrie Stevens Graydon R. and Leslie K. Hilyard
Classic Salmon Fly Materials Michael D. Radencich
Constructing Cane Rods Ray Gould
Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia Art Lingren
Creative Flies Robert Williamson
Creative Fly Tying Mike Mercer
Dapping Robert H. Boyle
Deer-Hair Fly-Tying Guidebook Jack Pangburn
Dogs That Point, Fish That Bite Jim Dean
Dry Fly Fishing Dave Hughes
Dry-Fly Patterns for the New Millennium Poul Jorgensen, editor
Early Love and Brook Trout James Prosek
Early Northwest Fly-Fishing Blaine Hallock
Featherwing & Hackle Flies for Salmon & Steelhead Chris Mann
Fishbugs Thomas Ames Jr.
Fishing in Wild Places David Street
Fishing Journal - Angling Legacy Frank Amato Publications
Fishing Small Flies Ed Engle
Fishing Small Streams with a Fly Rod Charles Meck
Fishing with the Presidents Bill Mares
Fishy's Favorites Jay "Fishy" Fullum
Fishy's Flies Jay "Fishy" Fullum
Fit to Fish Stephen L. Hisey & Keith R. Berend
Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout Les Johnson
Fly-Fishing for Bonefish Chico Fernandez
Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth Bob Clouser
Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead John Shewey & Forrest Maxwell
Fly-Fishing Pioneers & Legends of the Northwest Jack W. Berryman
Fly-Fishing Techniques for Smallmouth Bass Harry Murray
Fly-Fishing Western Trout Streams Jim McLennan
Found in a River Jeff Bright
Frontier Flies Patterns on the Cutting Edge Troy Bachmann
Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-Rod George E. Maurer & Bernard P. Elser
Grand River, Michigan - River Journal Jim Bedford & Tony Pagliei
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Angler's Companion Ian Rutter
Guide Flies David Klausmeyer
Hairwing & Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead Chris Mann
Handbook of Hatches Dave Hughes
Hatch Guide for New England Streams Thomas Ames, Jr.
Hot Bass Flies Deke Meyer
Hoover, the Fishing President Hal Elliott Wert
How Fish Work Thomas J. Sholseth, DVM, MPVM
How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life Landon Mayer
How to Fly-Fish Cliff Hauptman
Innovative Flies and Techniques Al & Gretchen Beatty
Inside Fly Tying Dick Talleur
Introduction to Spey Casting John & Amy Hazel
Jason Borger's Nature of Fly Casting Jason Borger
Joan Wullf's Fly-Casting Accuracy Joan Wulff
Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting Jeffrey Pill
Lee Wulff Jack Samson
Lewis & Clark's Northwest Journey "Weather Disagreeable!" George R. Miller
Madison River Kelly galloup
Matching Mayflies Dave Hughes
Mayflies Malcolm Knopp & Robert Cormier
Mayflies Ted Fauceglia
Mayflies "Top to Bottom" Shane Stalcup
Meanderings of a Fly Fisherman Seth Norman
Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies Paul C. Marriner
Modern Fur Flies Petri Pajunen
Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout Bob Linsenman & Kelly Galloup
Modern Spey Casting DVD Dec Hogan
Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes Skip Morris & Brian Chan
Morris on Tying Flies Skip Morris
Northwest Fly Patterns & Tying Guide Rainland Fly Casters
Nymph Fishing Rivers & Streams Rick Hafele
Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques Jim Schollmeyer
Nymphing by the Numbers with Kelly Galloup Kelly Galloup
Oregon River Maps & Fishing Guide Frank Amato Publications
Patent Patterns Jim Schollmeyer
Patterns and Places Edward Davis
Philadelphia on the Fly - Tales of an Urban Angler ron P. swegman
Plank Cooking - The Essence of Natural Wood Scott & Tiffany Haugen
Poul Jorgensen's Favorite Flies and How to Tie Them Poul Jorgensen
Quill Gordon John McDonald
Reading Water Darrell Mulch
RIO's Modern Spey Casting Simon Gawesworth
River Journal - Kispiox River Arthur J. Lingren
Rod Crafting Jeffery L. Hatton
Royal Coachman Paul Shullery
Salmon Camp Livingston Parsons, Jr.
Secrets of Steelheading Jim Teeny
Simple Flies C. Boyd Pfeiffer
Small Stream Bass John Gifford
Smoking Salmon & Steelhead Scott & Tiffany Haugen
Snook on a Fly Norm Zeigler
Spey Casting Simon Gawesworth
Spey Fishing Steelhead John Hazel
Spey Flies & Dee Flies, Their History & Construction John Shewey
Spey Flies & How to Tie Them Bob Veverka
Speyflies - 101 Bob Blumreich
Spey to Z Pearson, Browne, & Yin
Splitting Cane Ed Engle
Spring Creeks Mike Lawson
Steelhead & the Floating Line, A Meditation Bob Arnold
Steelhead Flies John Shewey
Steelhead Fly Fishing Nez Perce Country Dan Landeen
Steelhead Fly Tying Guide H. Kent Helvie
Streamer Flies for Trophy Trout Kelly Galloup
Streamer Fishing for Trophy Trout Kelly Galloup
Successful Fly Fishing Strategies Jeffrey Pill
The Art of Spey Casting Jeffrey Pill
The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer
The Book of Practical Fishing Knots Geoffrey Budworth
The Caddisfly Handbook Dick Pobst & Carl Richards
The Color of Winter Steelhead, Fly Fishing on the Olymipc Penninsula Doug Rose
The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer
The Golden Age of Fly-Fishing Ralf Coykendall, editor
The Hatches Made Simple Charles R. Meck
The Practical Fly Tier Royce Dam
The Reasonable Art of Fly Fishing Terry Mort
The Rise Paul Schullery
The Soft-Hackled Fly and Tiny Soft Hackles 2d ed. Sylvester Nemes
The Striped Bass Chronicles George Reiger
The Trout and the Fly Brian Clarke & John Goddard
The Trout Whisperers Pete Bodo
The World's Best Trout Flies John Roberts, editor
Thunder Creek Flies Keith Fulsher
Troubleshooting the Cast Ed Jaworowski
Trout at Ten Thousand Feet John Bailey
Trout Country Flies Bruce Staples
Trout Flies and Flowers Ivan L. Mahoney
Trout & Salmon Flies of Ireland Peter O'Reilly
Trout Flies of the West Jim Schollmeyer & Ted Leeson
Trout Hunting Bob Wyatt
Trout from Small Streams Dave Hughes
Trout of the World James Prosek
Trout River Larry Madison
Trout Stream Fly-Fishing Harry W. Murray
Tube Flies, A Tying, Fishing & Historical Guide Mark Mandell & Les Johnson
Two Centuries of Soft-Hackled Flies Sylvester Nemes
Two-Handed Fly Casting Al Buhr
Tying & Fishing Southern Appalachian Trout Flies Don & Kevin Howell
Tying Better Flies Art Scheck
Tying Classic Wet Flies Don Bastian
Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies David Klausmeyer
Tying Emergers Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer
Tying Flies with CDC Leon Links
Tying Fly Patterns for Stillwaters Phil Rowley
Tying Glass Bead Flies Joe J. Warren
Tying Hair Wing Flies Al & Gretchen Beatty
Tying Small Flies Ed Engle
Tying Spey Flies Gerald G Bartsch
Tying Stillwater Patterns for Trophy Trout Denny Rickards
Tying the Classic Salmon Fly Mike Radencich
Tying Flies in the Irish Style E. J. Malone
Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers David Klausmeyer
Upland Stream W. D. Wetherell
Virginia Blue-Ribbon Streams Harry W. Murray
Washington River Maps & Fishing Guide Frank Amato Publications
Water of an Undetermined Depth Richard Chiappone
Western Mayfly Hatches Rich Hafele & Dave Hughes
Wet Fly Ways Davy Wotton
Woolly Wisdom Gary Soucie


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