How To Give A Handjob Your Man Will LOVE!

5 Tips On How To Give Your Man An Unforgettable Handjob

The handjob – such a forgotten player in most women’s sexual bag of tricks.  It’s like the younger brother who gets shoved in the backseat while the more popular big brother blowjob gets to have all the fun.  And that’s too bad…

Because handjobs are INCREDIBLY sexy!

Giving your man an AMAZING handjob is a fantastic way to get him sexually addicted to you.  Unfortunately, many women think a great handjob simply involves stroking a man’s penis up and down repeatedly until he comes.

If you want to be just like every other woman who has ever given him a handjob, then just keep doing what you’re doing.  But if you want to give your man an unforgettable, toe-curling handjob that will make him desire you and only you, then read on.

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Now you may think there’s only one way to touch a man’s penis, and you’d be wrong.  In fact, the Stroke of Genius: The Ultimate Handjob Handbook by Cassidy Lyon provides more than 27 different techniques for giving incredible handjobs.  It’s a great resource for any woman who wants to hone her handjob techniques.

Here are a few tips on how to give a handjob your man will LOVE!  Before you start, always remember to lube up or you might just rub him raw…OUCH!

1. Show Genuine Enthusiasm

If you’re not into it, he won’t be into it either.  Don’t give your man a handjob because you feel you “have to” or just to “get it over with”.  Give him a handjob because you WANT to give him an incredible sexual experience he’ll never forget.

2. Vary Your Strokes & Techniques

The basic handjob involves lubing your man’s penis, wrapping your fingers around his member, and pumping your fist up and down his shaft slow and steady before building up more speed.  And that’s about as far as most women take it.

But you aren’t looking to give your man a “basic” handjob, are you?  You want to give him an unbelievable handjob that makes him crave every part of you!

That means you need to vary your speed, your pressure, your position, and your technique.  Sometimes you need one hand.  Sometimes you need two.

Stroke of Genius shows you how to do things like the Tantalizing Twister, Tip Swirl, Two Hands On The Wheel, The Piano Man, the Okay Sign, Fire Starter, Nook & Cranny, the Dr. Spock Technique, and more!  Learn more in this Stroke of Genius review.

3. Pay Special Attention To His “Special Areas”

The penis is more than just a “head & shaft”.  Just like a woman’s vagina, a man’s penis has many different parts that are super sensitive and will drive your man wild for you if you stroke them in just the right way.   Pay extra special attention to his corona (the ridge where the head meets the shaft), his frenulum (a tiny ridge that runs along the underside of his penis), and the perineum (the stretch of skin between his anus and testicles).

4. Don’t Neglect His Testicles

A great handjob involves more than just the shaft of his penis.  While you’re stroking his shaft, also fondle, massage, and pull gently on his testicles to send him over the edge.

5. Use Your Words

Giving your man a handjob is a great time to talk dirty to him.  Tell him how amazing his cock feels.  Tell him how big and hard he is and how turned on you get by touching and stroking him.

Also, use this as a chance to ask him what feels best, so you know where to put your focus the next time around.  Every guy is different, so let him tell you what feels best, what doesn’t, how much pressure to apply, etc.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience!  He’ll love you for it!

4 Of The Worst Snacks For Weight Loss

Obese Woman About To Eat A Huge BurgerLosing weight is tough. You constantly battle cravings while trying to find healthier foods to add to your meals.

Not only that, but diet changes are difficult to make all at once. This is where something like the 12-Week ‘Real Food’ Transformation found inside the Salvation Diet ( can really help. By focusing on just one small food transformation each week, it’s much easier to stay focused and eliminate all of your bad food habits.

As the creator of the Salvation Diet, Chris Walker, says…

“By doing these weekly transformations, you’ll slowly eliminate all the bad food items and replace them with “real food” that allows your body to stay in a state of ketosis. Your mind will be clear and your body will run like a well-oiled machine the way God intended.”

This whole process is even harder when it comes to snacks. Cooking a healthy meal is one thing, but when you’re looking for something quick to grab, healthy options can feel a bit limited. And, if we’re being honest, it’s much easier to grab a prepackaged bag of chips than it is to slice an avocado.

However, when you want to lose weight, this is a challenge you must overcome and conquer. To make things easier, here are 4 of the worst snacks for weight loss. A couple may surprise you.

Fruit Yogurt

Yogurt? Surprising, isn’t it? Yogurt is usually considered a great choice for snack time, but the type of yogurt makes all the difference.

Most fruit yogurts contain large amounts of sugar, a leading contributor to weight gain. By cutting back sugar-based snacks, like fruit yogurt, you can lose weight easier. To make your own healthy version of a “fruit yogurt”, reach for plain Greek yogurt and add fresh fruit such as blueberries.

Sweet And Salty Trail Mix

Trail mix is often thought of as a healthy snack because it typically contains nuts which contain healthy fats and protein. But when you add the pieces of chocolate and the sugar coated dried fruit pieces, the calories quickly add up.

Just two handfuls can be 350 calories. You want sweet and salty trail mix if you’re stranded in the woods, but when it comes to weight loss, you’re better off reaching for a fruit-and-nut bar.


Like yogurt, grapes are another surprise that makes our list of worst snack foods for weight loss. After all, grapes are fruit and fruit is healthy, right?

Here’s the problem. Every grape you eat is about five calories. This doesn’t sound like a lot, especially if you’re only eating a few of them, but as one dietician aptly put it, “Grapes are like the potato chips of the fruit world.”

People tend to eat a ton of them before they feel satisfied, and they don’t have any protein. That is where grapes become a problem for weight loss.


When you think of smoothies, you usually picture a healthy snack full of protein, fiber, and beneficial nutrients. But, if you’re buying a bottled smoothie, the calories add up fast.

This is because most bottled smoothies contain 150 calories and have two servings in each bottle. That’s 300 calories at a go. But hey, it’s still better than a milkshake, right?

Making your own smoothie is a better alternative to bottled smoothies, but you still need to be careful. The calories add up fast when you start adding up all the fruit, fruit juices, milk, yogurt, seeds, nuts, peanut butter, protein powder, etc.  In many cases, a smoothie is a better substitute for an entire meal than it is for a snack.

There you have it, some of the worst snacks for weight loss. While these may not be the “worst of the worst” when you consider things like potato chips and soda, the 4 options above aren’t as healthy as they may seem on the surface, and they can put a damper on your weight loss goals.

How To Get A Girl To Kiss You As Soon As Tonight

Girl And Guy KissingThe first kiss is a momentous occasion in any relationship. Not only does it mark the turning point when two people become more than friends, it also seals the deal on a successful date. So it’s normal to feel the pressure of snagging a good night kiss before your date goes home.

When it comes to getting a girl to kiss you, different women want different things, so if you want to avoid rejection, it helps to understand a woman’s signals.

Here’s how to get a girl to kiss you so you can be on the receiving end of her lips by the end of the night:

1. Make Sure You Get Some Alone Time

A first kiss can be a nerve-wracking experience for her as well, which is why it’s always a good idea to test the waters only when you’re completely in your element. That means having no crowds or even friends nearby. A person needs to feel comfortable in order to be seduced.

2. A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

Kisses often happen during a lull in conversation. Talking and being funny got you this far, but now is the time to let a moment of silence infiltrate your interaction. Be ready to make your move when the moment presents itself; if you wait too long, things can become awkward in a hurry.

3. Use Subliminal Messages To Get Her Attention

When you’re attracted to a woman and want her to kiss you, reveal your desire by gazing intently at her lips.  There’s no need to insist, since women are very adept at picking up even the subtlest of nuances.

If she doesn’t avert her gaze or give you any signs that she might be uncomfortable, there’s a very good chance she’ll be receptive to your advances and may even take the opportunity to kiss you first.

4. Make Light Physical Contact Before Attempting A Kiss

The best way to gauge a woman’s interest level is by seeing how she responds to your touch. A simple brush of her hand, a caress of her shoulder, or a pat on her back will do.

If she flinches, she’s still unsure about the situation. Be patient and give it more time.

If she’s receptive, these types of light, non-sexual touches can get her turned on and ready to kiss you before you make your first move. If she gives you the green light, be confident and go in for the kiss. If she’s a confident woman, she may very well beat you to the punch.

5. Give Her A Quick Kiss On A Neutral Part Of Her Face

Something like a quick peck on the cheek or even a gentle kiss on the forehead can be quite arousing in a cute and cuddly kind of way. Most women prefer being eased into the seduction game. Starting out small proves to them that you’re willing to be patient and respectful.

6. Move Slowly, But Deliberately

No matter what steps you pursue, getting a girl to kiss you is all about slow, deliberate movements. That’s because, at this stage in the relationship, a predictable move is definitely preferable to a rash action. You want her to see what your intentions are, and you want to show her that she can trust you.

Learning how to get a girl to kiss you isn’t rocket science, but it does take practice. Not every kiss will be reciprocated from the very beginning. Still, nothing quite compares to the butterflies you’ll get from a successful first kiss, so be sure to treasure this experience and make it a memorable one.

How To Approach And Attract Any Woman You Want

Man Approaching Three Beautiful WomenAny guy can get any woman to fall for him regardless of who he is or what he looks like. A bold statement? Maybe.

Women do in fact fall for nice guys and guys who have one thing you lack: a strategy. This guide will help you do just that, come up with a strategy that will help you get the attention of the most sought after women in your circles.

So with that, let’s discuss some tips on how to approach and attract any woman you want.

1. Exude Confidence

When it comes to interacting with women, confidence is always the x-factor. According to Ask Men, looks and finances are secondary considerations when it comes to a first encounter.

Women are attracted to confidence because subconsciously it communicates to them that you possess the ability to go out into the world and provide for her and your children. Men commonly make the mistake of assuming that an attractive woman has her space crowded with men competing for her love. In fact, the opposite is more often true because few serious suitors have the confidence to approach her.

You can develop that confidence and stand out from the crowd by investing in a program like the Girlfriend Activation System. It has an incredible track record of turning “average Joes” into amazing seducers. A sneak peek can be found in this Girlfriend Activation System review.

By overcoming approach anxiety and taking the calculated risk of talking to her in a mature way, you can easily impress her. That’s how many “average” men end up with stunning beauties.

2. Be A Gentleman

Being crass and cocky is one of the biggest turnoffs for women. Don’t mistake cockiness for confidence. They are two very different things. One is a complete turn on. The other a complete turn-off.

When you approach a woman you find attractive, avoid “hitting on her”. Instead, talk to her in a mature and non-suggestive way. According to Men’s Health, you have a better chance of winning her over if you start a real conversation. Look for something the two of you have in common, no matter how minute, and talk about it.

While you don’t have to spend a fortune to show a woman you are worthy of her, you still have to go out of your way and do something nice. Take her out to a nice restaurant, listen to her, learn what she likes, and do it for her. Even if you are not loaded, investing your efforts in her can pay high dividends.

Stick to the gentleman protocol: hold the door open for her, pull back the chair for her, and give her your coat when it gets cold.

3. Display High Value

Women are innately very competitive beings, especially when it comes to attracting men. If a woman sees you with another woman who is more or equally gorgeous than her, she will often try harder to get you for herself.

When you are in social gatherings, the kind of people you talk to reveals the kind of woman you think you deserve.  Talk to attractive and well-to-do people more often as this sends a message of your worth.

That’s not where the benefit ends though…

As you talk with more high value women, you get practice at handling attractive women. One of the best ways to attract women is to cap your eagerness. Again, this aspect appeals to an attractive woman’s innate desire for conquest. Treat her well and show interest, but do not say that you want her.

4. Groom Well And Take Good Care Of Your Body

You don’t have to be the most attractive man in the room to get women to look your way, but no woman wants to go out with a slob. Good grooming, even without expensive clothing, tells a woman you value your body, and she will feel attracted to you.

Good grooming doesn’t have to be hard. The basics work just fine. Wear clean, well-fitting, and nicely pressed clothes, get a haircut, and wear deodorant.

Hit the gym regularly to get your body in shape, and take exceptional care of your skin. Even if you aren’t naturally handsome, this can help you present the best version of you.

5. Do Not Be Too Possessive

Beautiful women attract a lot of attention from men, and rightfully so. If you can’t handle it and try to keep her from socializing, she’ll only resent you for it. Expressing a bit of jealously is fine. In fact, most women feel honored when a man is willing to fight for her. However, you can’t and shouldn’t try to keep her from talking to other men or sharing her beauty with the world.

David Deida, a relationship and body image expert, advises men to steal the attention of guys who are trying to steal a girl from them. If you’re a cool guy, most men won’t want to disrespect you.

The above tips are meant to help you approach and attract any woman you want. Where you go from there is totally up to you. Whether it’s making a new friend, having casual sexual encounters, or finding an incredible girlfriend, there are tons of beautiful women waiting to be a part of your life.

What To Eat To Cure Erectile Dysfunction: 16 Top Foods

Eating Watermelon To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Watermelon is just one of many foods known to help erectile dysfunction.

As opposed to the 5% of men in their forties who suffer from erectile dysfunction, a whopping 25% of 65 year olds report struggling with the condition. This leads a lot of people to believe that male impotence is just a part and parcel of aging.

But, this could not be further from the truth…

It is not so much the advancing years as an overall decline in health, particularly vascular health, which leads to the affliction. Not to mention, ED has many different causes and can strike at any age.

According to the doctors who write for, there is a direct link between heart health and the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Although male impotence is seldom thought of as a lifestyle disorder that can be changed with dietary interventions, in reality food can make a marked difference to your bedroom performance.

This revelation has even sparked entire programs aimed at helping men cure erectile dysfunction with food. Probably the most well-known of these dietary ED protocols is the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol by Jason Long. It’s not a cure-all for every case of erectile dysfunction, but it’s worth investigating for men who prefer to avoid drugs and medications in favor of more natural remedies. Read the all-inclusive ED Protocol review by Newspaper Cat here.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what to eat to cure erectile dysfunction. But before we do that, we need to first examine how an erection works.

The Physiology Of An Erection!

To achieve and sustain an erection, your body must first produce enough testosterone to get you in the mood. The signal of arousal sent from the brain to the penis is communicated through the nerves, so these have to work properly as well.

Once your brain tells your penis that it’s “playtime”, nitric oxide is secreted in the body which relaxes your veins and muscles and allows blood to flow into the penis. The veins trap the blood in place in order to sustain the erection.

Now, here is how the problems start…

The Testosterone Slump

If you lack mojo juice (aka testosterone), you won’t have the desire for a roll in the hay. Fortunately, testosterone deficiency is rarely the cause of male impotence. However, if you experience lack of desire and the lack of an erection, you may want to get your testosterone levels checked. Although it is possible to use testosterone supplements, you can just as easily boost the levels of this hormone naturally through dietary and lifestyle changes.

The Nitric Oxide Angle

In the majority of ED cases, a deficiency of nitric oxide is the culprit, which is why most pharmaceutical products including Viagra and Cialis aim to enhance the quantity of this compound in the body. Secreted by the lining of the blood vessels, nitric oxide levels plunge if the arteries are inflamed or clogged due to plaque deposits on their inner wall.

These conditions can not only cause erectile issues, but also serious cardiac concerns. Once again, dietary changes can help scrape the arterial walls clean and mitigate the damage done to the lining.

The Psychology Of Erectile Dysfunction

It is the head on your shoulders and not the one below your waist that rules your sexual performance. Anxiety, stress, and even performance fear are known to negatively impact your ability to get and sustain an erection.

Some men might be tempted to opt for antidepressants, but these often worsen the situation. In contrast, certain foods help bring down stress levels and can restore mental calm gently without any side effects.

Other Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Apart from the causes mentioned above, venous leakage, Peyronie’s Disease, pelvic injuries, and certain medication can all lead to erectile dysfunction. The most important thing to remember is that impotence is not a condition you should ignore. Although most men have qualms about discussing the issue with their doctor, doing so is an important safeguard for your relationship, your brain, and your heart.

Why Not Take The Easy Pill Route?

For one, Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, which are the most popular products on the market for boosting nitric oxide availability, only work on 2/3rds of men. This still leaves a whopping 1/3rd who need to look elsewhere for solutions.

Moreover, even when these drugs do work, they come with the risk of undesirable side effects. According to, the potential side effects of taking erectile dysfunction drugs include memory loss, headaches, body pain, gastrointestinal issues, vision loss, dizziness, runny nose, flushing, and priapism. Is it worth it?

What Can You Eat To Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

If you want to avoid medications and are wondering what to eat to cure erectile dysfunction, there are many different foods that can help. Below is a partial list that can serve as a good beginner’s guide to fixing erectile dysfunction with diet.

Foods You Can Eat To Help Erectile Dysfunction

1.  Leafy greens and beets: Celery, spinach, beets, and other leafy vegetables all have very high concentrations of nitrates. These are potent vasodilators that enlarge the blood vessels just like nitric oxide does and increase blood flow to the penile tissue.

2.  Dark chocolate: Cocoa has long been hailed as a powerful aphrodisiac. The flavonoids in dark chocolate not only put you in the mood for sex, but also help against erection problems. Make sure to choose dark and not regular chocolate as the latter contains boat loads of sugar and fats.

3.  Pistachios: Another member of the natural aphrodisiac’s club, pistachios bring the essential amino acid arginine to the table. In a study referenced by, a handful of these delicious green nuts consumed for 3 weeks brought about a remarkable improvement in sexual performance.

4.  Oysters: The shellfish makes the list thanks to its high zinc content: a mineral that plays a vital role in the production of testosterone.

5.  Watermelon: This humble fruit can improve erectile dysfunction as much as Viagra; it also enhances sexual desire. The phytonutrients in the fruit aid in weight loss and are very good for your heart.

6.  Tomatoes and grapefruit: Powerhouses of lycopene, these dark colored fruits improve circulation and are extremely effective against erectile dysfunction and other vascular problems.

7.  Whole grains: Harvard Medical Publications has noted that a deficiency in vitamin B12 can lead to erection problems. Whole grains are a rich source of this vitamin and should be included as part of your ED diet.

8.  Unsweetened tea: The catechins found in tea promote blood flow throughout the body, including to the penis.

9.  Peaches and oranges: What you eat to cure erectile dysfunction should also include fruits like peaches and oranges that are rich in vitamin C. According to a study conducted at the University of Texas, vitamin C improves sperm health and motility.

10.  Eggs: Have them scrambled, hardboiled, or in any other way, as eggs provide vitamins B5 and B6, which help to alleviate stress and balance hormone levels.

11.  Fatty fish: Oily sea food such as tuna, mackerel, sardines and especially salmon contain Omega 3 fatty acids which help augment dopamine levels in the brain and trigger arousal.

12.  Oatmeal: It is not only healthy for your heart and arteries, but oatmeal also boosts testosterone levels because it contains l-arginine.

13.  Cherries: Along with blueberries and blackberries, cherries also contain flavonoids that clean arterial plaque and help restore vascular health.

14.  Bananas: When we say bananas are good for sex, we mean it. The fruit contains high levels of potassium which also acts as a potent vasodilator.

15.  Garlic: This Allium increases the flow of blood to the penis by boosting nitric oxide production.

16.  Walnuts and almonds: Like all nuts and seeds, the arginine content of walnuts proves beneficial for fixing ED. As far as almonds go, these contain a significant amount of vitamin E which enhances nitric oxide secretion in the body.

Apart from your diet, simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in preventing and curing erectile dysfunction. For instance, an article on clarifies how 30-60 minutes of exercise each day can drastically reduce instances of erectile dysfunction. Similarly, giving up cigarettes and booze can significantly enhance your sexual performance, improve your overall health, and help you regain your “superstar in bed” status!

What Is The Best Way To Regrow Bald Spots Naturally?

the start of a bald spot

The dreaded bald spot!

Even though hair is considered by many to be a superficial attribute, for sufferers of baldness this seemingly superficial feature can have major impacts on self-esteem and how one is perceived. For many, the appearance of a single bald spot can be a terrifying occurrence, potentially heralding the arrival of a steady decline into total baldness.

Some attempt to rectify this with treatments of all descriptions, from topical creams to pills reputed to improve hair growth to costly and invasive surgical hair transplant surgeries.

But in this article we take a look at a few things you can do completely naturally, and more or less on your own, to try and prevent those bald spots from taking up further head real estate.

So with that in mind, let’s try and figure out the best way to regrow bald spots naturally or, at the very least, provide some viable options.

The Topical Approach

The huge amounts of anti-hair loss creams and ointments on the market is staggering, yet studies have shown that simple and all-natural oils can be used to improve the health of existing hair and even promote new hair growth. A double blind, placebo controlled study from 2014 demonstrated the efficacy of pumpkin seed oil at helping combat baldness.

Similar studies evaluated the efficacy of other natural oils, such as sunflower oil and coconut oil, and demonstrated varying results.  Coconut oil is an oft-cited favorite for combating hair loss.

Aside from the effects of the topical solutions themselves, the topical approach may have another secondary benefit. Studies have shown some efficacy of scalp massage in helping to treat hair loss. The physical action of the massage, as well as the relaxing experience it induces, has been shown scientifically to help fight hair loss.

The Internal Approach

After you’ve made it through the gauntlet of topical solutions for hair loss, there still remains the pharmacopoeia of pills, herbs, and supplements which claim to help you regrow your lost hair. Plans to regrow hair even extend into the realm of diet and nutrition, with protocols like the Rebuild Hair Program by Jared Gates (see for details) becoming increasing popular in recent years.

A very informative paper titled “Nutritional Factors And Hair Loss” was published in the journal Clinical Experimental Dermatology in 2002.

The paper outlined some important, scientifically documented nutritional factors which play a role in hair loss. Iron deficiency is noted as a potential contributor to hair loss. Similarly, the essential amino acid L-lysine is identified as important, with double blind studies showing that a significant number of women with hair shedding responded positively to iron and L-lysine therapy.

But before you go out and grab some L-lysine and iron supplements (or any of the other supplements purported to stave off hair loss,) take heed of the author’s warning: “Excessive intake of nutritional supplements may actually cause hair loss and are not recommended in the absence of a proven deficiency.”

Aside from nutritional deficiencies, smoking and consuming alcohol have been shown to contribute to hair loss.  Abstaining from alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco may be helpful to prevent hair loss.


Scientific evidence suggests there is no single best way to regrow bald spots naturally. However, there are plenty of available treatment options that are likely to help either by themselves or in combination with each other.

Experiment with these simple and scientifically-backed methods before you throw money and time away chasing after a cure-all! You might be surprised at their efficacy.

How To Be The Man That Every Woman Wants

trendy alpha male

Being universally attractive to women is an ancillary benefit of achieving true sense of self.

Trying to be the man that every woman wants is extremely simple, yet a highly elusive proposition for most guys.  If you’re even asking yourself that question, you’re off on the wrong foot.  Doing anything or acting a certain way just to ‘get girls’ is the antithesis of manhood.

Once you understand who you are and how you want to live, however, women will automatically be drawn to you.  In other words, you can’t make yourself ‘the man that every woman wants’ by using some sort of new-age pickup technique.  Rather, being successful with women comes from developing a true sense of self.

So why is this counterintuitive dynamic true?

To put it simply, changing any aspect of your life or persona just to ‘impress chicks’ says a lot about who you are–and none of it is good. Women like men who are confident, self-assured, and comfortable with who they are and what they want.  In fact, there are 6 main character traits that draw women in like bees to honey.  Find out what they are in this Girlfriend Activation System review.

To make ‘attracting women’ your raison d’etre conveys that you are none of the above.  It also conveys that you are needy, clingy, mentally weak, and that you need external validation to have ‘self-worth’.

You Can’t Do The Right Things For The Wrong Reasons

Once you become the man that you want to be, you’ll automatically become the type of man that every woman wants.  It sounds like an oversimplification and something you might hear from your mother, but it’s really not.

The only way to acquire the skill-set of a universally desirable man is to develop yourself and your strength of character.  It all begins by making yourself your top priority.  After all, you’re the only person in this world truly responsible for how you live your life.

Strive to live with passion and integrity by becoming the person you were meant to be and doing what you were meant to do.   The qualities that women find most attractive in men have nothing to do with how good your abs are or how much swag you have.  In fact, focusing on the superficial, and especially doing it to get chicks, is a clear tell that you’ve yet to abandon adolescence and become a man.

Being a man women want also has nothing to do intrinsically with how much money you have.  While there are qualities that women do want that can lead to affluence, money in itself is meaningless.  It’s who you are that makes you irresistible to women, not what you have.

Individuality, Character, Passion, And Drive

Women want men who are uniquely themselves.  This quality means that you don’t try to emulate the look or behavior of an actor or rapper.  It means that you don’t follow the crowd and want or like things just because they’re popular.

Ultimately, it means that you have your own code for living from which you never deviate.  Doing the right thing in all situations because it’s who you are is what defines character.  You are your own man and should strive to live a life of respect, honesty, and pride.  You don’t need endless external validation to be comfortable and confident with your personal identity.

It’s also essential to follow your passion with vigor and determination.  At some point, you’ll figure out what you were meant to do in life. This passion should be your primary focus and set the direction for your life.

A real man will continue on this path regardless of the external temptations that try to get him to deviate.  This sort of direction demonstrates maturity, responsibility, and a lack of neediness.  Women want you to need them, but are grossly repelled by men who are needy.

Be The Man You Want To Be And Women Will Be Drawn To You

You can’t become the man every woman wants by following a checklist or learning a technique.  That’s no different than trying to act rich when you have no money in the bank.

Being universally attractive to women is an ancillary benefit of achieving true sense of self.  Once you can live life on your own terms with passion and integrity, you’ll never again want for female companionship.

Girlfriend Activation System Review – INSANE Results With Women?

attractive female in blue bikini

Think she’s out of your league? Not when you use GFAS to activate her obsession story!

Finding the perfect girlfriend is always a challenge.  Many men readily admit they have no idea what women truly want.

Movies and television don’t seem to help much, often sending mixed messages.  Do women like the strong, silent type?  Do they prefer the local “bad boy” with the motorcycle and consistent presence of 5 o’clock shadow?  Or do women really want the sensitive guy who likes to watch romantic comedies and talk about their feelings?

Or maybe it’s simply all about looks and outward appearance.  On the one hand, movie stars like Ashton Kutcher attract millions of female fans by being tall and lanky.  Then there are the Tom Brady’s of the world with their athletic prowess and broad shoulders who marry Supermodels like Gisele Bundchen.

Does the average guy who might be overweight, kinda nerdy, balding, and a little awkward around women really stand a chance?

The Girlfriend Activation System says “yes” and details a step-by-step approach that helps any man land the girl of his dreams.  Find out what GFAS is all about and exactly how the course can help you get the girl you’ve always wanted in the Girlfriend Activation System review below.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read the full GFAS review, then click here to get the Girlfriend Activation System directly from the product creator.

The Girlfriend Activation System At First Glance

The Girlfriend Activation System, often simply referred to as the Girlfriend System or GFAS for short, is an online training course with 23-video modules that are designed to teach the Average Joe how to land a girlfriend fast.  Even the New York Times is writing news articles on the need for taking risks in dating, stating that fear of rejection is one of the leading obstacles to finding a quality relationship for men.

The Girlfriend Activation System does not claim to eliminate this fear, but it does show men how to overcome it and boost the outward appearance of self-confidence that women find so attractive.

At first glance, the Girlfriend System might seem like yet another cheesy “how to pick up girls” course.  But this program is different, because it’s one of the few that focuses on dating tips to land a steady and long-term relationship rather than sleazy PUA tactics and techniques designed to trick and manipulate women into sleeping with you.

If all you want to do is get really good at taking girls home so you can “bang” hotties, then you’d probably be better off with a course like this one.  However, if what you really want is a meaningful relationship with that one incredible girl you can’t stop thinking about, then GFAS deserves strong consideration and is likely your best option.

Inside the Girlfriend Activation System, several different dating coaches offer their advice and expertise along the way, citing real life examples of dating techniques and the psychology of their success.  These include guys like Nick Sparks, Jason Capital, Alex Allman, and David Wygant who are all damn good with women.

The videos range from just a few minutes to upwards of an hour in length, and they also include real-life example interactions with women directly from the audience, so you can also pick up on things like body language, tone of voice, positioning, etc. that play an integral part in attracting women, but are nearly impossible to learn simply by reading your everyday, run-of-the-mill ebook.

Most men who want a committed relationship tend to gravitate towards women of substance.  Unfortunately, these types of quality women don’t fall head over heels for just any guy who throws them a compliment or hits them with a good pick-up line, which is exactly what makes them highly desirable.   The Girlfriend Activation System attempts to educate men on the underlying and sometimes subliminal male characteristics that attract high quality women who qualify as true “girlfriend material”.

Part 1: Laying The Foundation

sexywomaninpurpleWith a quick review, it becomes obvious that the Girlfriend Activation System is fundamentally a kind of dating boot camp for men.  The series of video recordings are the result of an actual live seminar that took place in New York over a period of two days.

As mentioned previously, several different mentors contribute to the series, and each has a unique and individual style that sometimes takes getting used to.  However, these different personalities and perspectives also make the end product more relatable, more robust, and more appealing to a wider audience of men.

The first few Girlfriend Activation System modules discuss the common character traits that women find the most attractive in men.  According to the program, there are six key qualities of masculine power that women are naturally and evolutionarily drawn to.  Master all six and no girl can resist.

The six traits include:

  1. Dominance
  2. Competence
  3. Being viewed as a challenge
  4. Mystery
  5. Substance or Genuineness
  6. Sexuality

The next series of GFAS video modules teach men how to incorporate these characteristics into physical makeup, body language, voice inflections, and other male mannerisms so women will pick up on them and ultimately see you as the “obvious choice”.  Even dating sites like eHarmony have been trying to teach these techniques to men for years, offering quick how-to articles on their blogs like “The 4 Sure Signs of Confidence Women Look for in a Man.”

While most of us already know that women are attracted to confidence and strength, many men simply don’t know how to project this image without coming across as arrogant, cocky, or just plain weird and creepy.  The Girlfriend Activation System provides detailed video demonstrations with very specific examples so you know exactly how to interact with every type of woman you come in contact with.

Part 2: The Dating Timeline

Once the “personality makeover” is complete and you know how to display the type of masculine power women are irresistibly drawn to, the next step is learning the actual techniques and tactics to initiate conversation, land the date, keep her interested, and ultimately get the girl.  This is the “step-by-step” of the course that walks you through every phase of the dating process so you can always make the right move with the right woman at the right time, and eliminate any fear of being rejected.

For example, you’ll learn things like:

  • How to make a great first impression
  • How to initiate the first kiss
  • How to get her phone number
  • What to do on the first date, the second date, and the “sex” date to keep her wanting more
  • How to avoid “The Friend Zone”
  • How to be vulnerable without losing masculinity or appearing needy and desperate
  • How to display dominance without being aggressive or overbearing
  • Body language tips that demonstrate masculine power and virility

The Girlfriend Activation System offers valuable psychological and scientific reasoning behind many of the techniques offered within the course.

Women worthy of a long term relationship tend to think and behave very differently from those who only want to have a good time, and the Girlfriend Activation System shows men how to not only “get” the girl but how to “keep” her for the long term, as well.

The Bottom Line

The Girlfriend Activation System isn’t for everyone, and it’s not a “quick-fix” that will land you an incredible girlfriend as soon as tomorrow.  Members should expect to put both time and effort into the multi-module format.  With some videos packed with nearly 60-minutes of dating information and example interactions, that’s a lot of viewing time required.

Other features and highlights of the Girlfriend System include:

  • The GFAS system is very affordable and provides excellent value for money.  You get access to both the older version 1 and the new 2.0 version of the Girlfriend System (GFAS V2) at no additional cost.
  • The video modules are very detailed and comprehensive, covering every step of the dating process from meeting to turning a woman into a loyal, long-term girlfriend.
  • The website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • A forum section is also included where members can ask questions of one another, share success stories, ask for clarification on any of the video modules, and get help from “top-shelf” men who are extremely good with women.  This forum is often overlooked in many Girlfriend Activation System reviews, but is priceless for those who utilize it to its full potential.
  • The GFAS program places a strong emphasis on transitioning from “dating” to a “long-term relationship”.  This transition is an often overlooked and very gray area of the dating world that rarely gets discussed.
  • At the time of writing this review, the system comes with a gigantic “Bonus Package” consisting of 17 bonus programs separated into three categories aptly titled the Confidence Package, the Seduction Package, and the Relationship Package.  This is an excellent mix of additional audio, video, and PDF files that complement the main program quite well and cover things like “Sexual Texting”, “The Coffee Shop Drill”, “Assertive Approaching”, and many more.

The Girlfriend Activation System breaks new ground while dispelling many of the previously destructive myths of dating for the modern man.  Numerous customer reviews and testimonials rate GFAS highly, and it is an excellent choice for any guy with the desire to become a true “10” who is not only massively successful with women, but in all aspects of life as well.

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The Hidden Power Of Dirty Talk: 4 Ways It Drives Him Wild

Become his obsession!

Become his obsession!

If a guy says that he doesn’t enjoy dirty talk, don’t believe him.

Ok, there’s an exception to every rule, but most guys find this form of sexual play incredibly arousing.

In fact, many guys would even tell you that something like this could make them so sexually hungry that they would just want to ravage their partners like a wild sexual beast.

If that’s the case, then the next question becomes, “Why?”  What is it about dirty talk that is such a huge turn on for men?

Let’s find out…

1. It’s Uncommonly Arousing

If you’re usually prim and proper, but inside the bedroom, you transform into a sultry woman who knows how to make a guy feel uneasy, in a positive way, your partner would feel really blessed. The sexy phrases you mumble would drive him nuts and would make him crave for more.

This kind of contradiction, from a goody two shoes into a saucy minx, gives him a sexy charge of excitement. Likewise, this also heightens his senses and, believe it or not, talking dirty to him makes everything more arousing.

2. It Makes A Guy Feel Divine

Your moans and screams are music to his ears. Also, telling him what you want him to do to you by using dirty directives like the ones found in Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire can set his loins on fire.


Because this makes him feel like a sex god. Every moan and whimper drives his libido to the next level.

3. Nothing’s Sexier Than Confidence

A woman who doesn’t feel embarrassed to describe what she wants, in detail, by using dirty phrases is very seductive. Men are usually drawn to women who feel confident about themselves and who aren’t afraid to express their sexual desires and release their inhibitions.

The use of dirty talk plants the idea in his mind that you’re in for a wild ride and are excited for the thrill that lies ahead.  Don’t be surprised if he pulls out his A-game to impress you.

4. Dirty Talk Is A Great Way To Show That You’re In The Mood

Sexual enthusiasm instantly makes a man feel excited just like being quiet and standoffish can make him go limp.  The latter makes him assume that you’re bored or not interested in him even if you are. This could really ruin the moment.

Talking dirty is a clear indication that you want him BADLY and there’s nothing that could stop you. This level of engagement makes him feel that he must pleasure and satisfy you all the way, giving you both a wonderful experience.

The reasons mentioned above also activate different chemicals inside a man’s body and flick on his sexual buttons, increase his sex drive, and make him focused on pleasuring you.  It’s not theory.  It’s science.

Many women don’t feel comfortable talking dirty, and if you’re one of them, don’t feel bad about it.  It’s completely normal.

However, don’t let your fears stop you from adding a thrill to your sex life and letting your inhibitions run wild. There are plenty of ways you can master this art, overcome your shyness, and make your man want you even more.

Have fun!

My Personal Review Of Sue Heintze’s Beta Switch Fat Loss Program For Women

stayingfitwithbetaswitchBefore I discovered Beta Switch, I was a true mess.

I couldn’t lose weight and I had fallen into such a state of depression that I didn’t even want to hang out with my friends. I basically just went to work and came home like a zombie with no social life.

It wasn’t always this way though.

In fact, I had always been fairly active until I started gaining weight for no understandable reason!

Until I started gaining weight, I had always considered myself fairly athletic. I played tennis and basketball in high school. I wasn’t the star or anything but they drilled us pretty hard and I stayed in shape.

Everyone told me I had a great figure until I hit my mid-twenties. It seemed like all of a sudden, my butt and thighs started ballooning out and I developed a ring of belly fat. It quite literally happened over the course of maybe half a year.

The changes were extremely noticeable and the reasons for my weight gain were inexplicable.  My friends started to suggest we didn’t order dessert when we went out and they dropped other not so subtle hints that I needed to lose weight.

I was freaking out to say the least!

I went on a low carb diet and then a paleo diet. That seemed to slow down the fat I was gaining but it didn’t help me actually lose any!

So then I decided exercise was the answer. I joined a gym with a girlfriend and she and I signed up for aerobics classes.

I lost a little weight doing that but really not much, and certainly not enough in my butt and thighs. During that time, I actually hung clothes over the full length mirror in my bedroom so I would not have to see my rotund self first thing in the morning!

I also used the gym equipment to work on my belly fat and to grow my muscles because I was told women start to lose muscle mass in their mid twenties and if I grew more muscle, I’d burn off my fat more quickly.

However, no matter what I did, I never seemed to lose much fat. I was so discouraged. I felt like I must not be exercising right or eating right but I was honestly trying to do all the right things. It just didn’t seem to be working very well!

After that, I got increasingly depressed. I would mope around the house on the weekends not really wanting to be seen in public.

I would make late night runs to the grocery store so I would not run into my friends. However, that didn’t always work and when I ran into people I knew but hadn’t seen in a while, I was mortified because I could tell by how they looked at me, they wondered how and why I had gained all that weight!

It seems like every time that happened, I ended up comforting myself with junk food, but that only made the problem worse and I gained even more weight.

My Mom and aunt came over one day saying they were taking me to coffee. We actually ended up getting coffee at a kiosk and then taking it to a park.

They told me they wanted me to take a good look at the other women at the park. They asked me who did I want to look like in 5, 10, 20 years from now. There were some very over-weight women in the park that day, women who weighed a lot more than me even.

My Mom and aunt made me realize where I was heading if I didn’t do something to stop putting on fat.  I started to really cry and I blubbered out all the things I had tried to lose weight.

I told them how it had all failed and how I felt miserable. I finally admitted to them how depressed I had been. They both hugged me and vowed to find a way for me to lose weight. My aunt insisted that first I needed to see a doctor to find out if there was some medical issue that was causing my inexplicable weight gain.

However, the doctor ended up telling me I just needed to eat less fat and exercise more! This was after spending only three minutes with me and treating me less than human. Thanks — NOT!

My Mom ended up being my super hero when she heard about Beta Switch from a lady at her church who had lost about seventy pounds and was looking better than she had in three decades!

My Mom pulled her aside one day after services and told her how wonderful she looked and asked if she could share her secret. That’s when she heard about Beta Switch by Sue Heintze.  She called me before she even left the parking lot that day and told me to look it up online.

After reading about the Beta Switch program and even browsing through a couple different Beta Switch reviews, I was both excited and skeptical.

I called my Mom and read to her some of what it said about the program. I said, “What if this is a scam? I’ll just be wasting my money and my time.” My Mom, however, insisted I immediately get the program and even offered to pay for it. I agreed that I would at least give it a try. I figured what could it hurt!

After just a couple of weeks following Beta Switch, my pants began to fit a lot loser. By the third and fourth week, I had to go buy a belt for the slacks I wore to work and by the second month, I was out shopping for new clothes with my Mom!

I had already gone down three to four sizes! I also started to understand that what had probably happened is my beta receptors had been deactivated and the hormones in my body were working with my alpha receptors to store fat. I also learned how to reverse this naturally!

I want to impress upon other women reading this to give Beta Switch a try because it’s specifically designed for women which is another big reason I think it worked for me.  A lot of fat loss diet and exercise programs out there are generic and take a “one size fits all” approach, but all you have to do is watch a show like The Biggest Loser to know that women don’t lose weight the same way guys do, even when they work just as hard…or even harder.

Even if you have been trying to lose fat on common female “trouble spots” like your arms, thighs, hips, and butt in other ways, don’t let that stop you like it almost stopped me.  Sue Heintze’s Beta Switch definitely works!  Here’s her website if you think she might be able to help you like she helped me.

Wishing you all the best!