Where Have All The Rich Guys Gone? 4 Proven Ways To Attract Successful Men

mandressedinsuitLet’s face it!  Everyone wants to be successful.

We all want money and all the good things that come with it.  From a woman’s perspective, nothing is as annoying as dating a cheap guy who borrows money from you and makes you pay for dates all the time.

Although most women are vouching for equality nowadays, men are still viewed as providers in society. This article is meant for women who are sick and tired of dating broke men.

It’s important to note that there is nothing bad about wanting to date successful men.  Forget about gold digging stereotyping for a second.  Wanting to date a rich man doesn’t make you a horrible person.

This article will focus on helping you discover effective ways of attracting successful men.

1. Upgrade your lifestyle

This is the first and most important tip to consider when you want to attract successful men. You can’t expect to attract rich men if your lifestyle is below average.

It is important to note that you are valued by the way you treat yourself. You can’t be shopping in the cheapest stores or driving a cheap car and expect to attract a successful man.

Upgrade your lifestyle and get the best value for your money. You will attract men of worth when you look the part.

2. Hang out where successful men are

This is another important tip to consider. If you keep complaining that you aren’t meeting successful men every time you go out, you are most probably hanging out in all the wrong places.

Take a moment and think about the best places to find successful men. Do you want some ideas?

Attend art gallery openings, treat yourself once in a while at a 5 star restaurant, get sports club membership etc. You can even go for a long holiday in an exclusive destination.

You just need to take some time and think where you would go on weekends, for holiday, for a drink etc. if money wasn’t an issue.

3. Speak and think success

It is important to note that we attract what we think and speak about.  It’s the universal law of attraction.

If you keep speaking about negative things, you will have a very easy time attracting negativity in your life.

Avoid the company of girlfriends who speak negative i.e. how hard it is to meet rich men because such talk will instill pessimism in you making it harder for you to succeed.

You are what you think and speak. Think success with rich men and you will succeed.

4. Raise your standards

It is also important to note that you get exactly what you accept. If you keep entertaining ”useless” men in your life, you will have a very hard time attracting successful men.

You should have a zero tolerance for men who don’t meet your success standards. If he asks you to split the check or he borrows money from you on a regular basis, get rid of him immediately.

You have to become the woman rich men love, i.e. a woman with high standards.  Focus on becoming the type of woman rich men want, and attracting super successful men into your life will become much easier.

Maria Turner