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Syl’s Gold Plated Spinner – Baetis

Hook:             Tiemco 100 or 101 (size 16 – 18)
Tail:                2 Wood duck flank fibers
Abdomen:      Yellow thread or dyed hackle quill
Thorax:          Light Brown fine fur dubbing
Ribbing:         Gold wire, close or solid wraps
Hackle:           Rusty or Ginger

Abdomen - are made of either Danville nylon 6/0 thread or of stripped and dyed hackle quills of the appropriate color.

Thorax -  are made of dubbing fur of the appropriate color or of peacock herl.

Spinner Spent Wings – Sylvester Nemes method of making realistic spent spinner wings utilizes finger dubbing wax (Orvis makes a good one) and cock, or preferably hen, hackle. Syl’s method of splitting the hackle into a full spent spinner position by permanently “bending” the hackle fibers into position by dividing, bunching and pulling or stroking the fibers into position with slightly waxed thumbs and forefingers.

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