Why Am I Still Single At 40? Dating Mistakes Keeping You From Finding Love

womanholdingpuppyThe older you get, the more difficult it is to find somebody who is on the same wavelength as you are, and that is a known fact. Some women are just lucky enough to find the man of their dreams early on, and to keep him by their side over the decades. Others are not so lucky, and they are constantly looking for that one man who is about to change their life.

Even when they find him, they are prone to making certain mistakes that can push him away. If you are a mature woman over 40 and you are committed to entering the dating scene again, then here are some common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

1. Keep It Real!

This is a very common mistake that actually has nothing to do with age or gender, as we all tend to have high and unrealistic expectations. While some women have low standards and they settle for less than what they truly deserve, others simply raise the bar too high for anybody to reach it and even those who might reach it, may as well be scared by your high standards and back off.

It is important for everybody to understand that perfection is a century-old myth that nobody will always be able to reach â however, this does not mean that you cannot have your own perfect man, if you just loosen up your dating criteria a bit!

2. Don’t Ditch Unattractive Men

There is an old saying that goes like this: “Hunger comes as you eat”. Same applies to love: even if a man does not strike you as a particularly handsome gentleman, this does not mean that you cannot be attracted to him. Just give him some time to prove himself, and you might actually be surprised!

3. Don’t Focus Too Much On Money And Success

Another common mistake women over 40 tend to make when dating men is that they are too focused on the career and bank account of their (potential) significant other, and this happens especially when the lady is a successful and accomplished woman herself. Wanting somebody who is at least as successful as you are is perfectly normal and understandable, and so is not wanting to support a man, but once again, do not raise the bar too high.

Do not deny yourself the love and appreciation of a man who might as well turn out to be the best person to have ever crossed your path, simply because he is not so rich or accomplished as you are. Also, do not forget that people see success differently while some of them consider success to be something strictly related to their professional life and their career, others are better off with a loving, healthy family.

4. He Must Not Always Share The Same Hobbies And Interests As You Do

Once again, for many men this may seem as an absurd request, as men and women tend to have different hobbies, passions and interests. Of course, it is crucial to find somebody who shares some common interests, as you must find common ground, but it is also important to acknowledge the fact that your man may also have different hobbies that you may not approve of and that is perfectly fine. Just give him space and let him do his thing, do not reject a man simply because he does not meet all of your criteria entirely.

5. Do Not Look Only For Religious Men

Another very common mistake that many women tend to make these days is that they simply ignore atheists or agnostics who do not believe in the same Creator as they do.  For many people, this may seem as an absurd requirements, as everybody must have the right to believe (or not to believe) in something.  Moreover, some people tend to be rather spiritual than religious, and that is perfectly fine. It is very important to be realistic and to realize that finding a man who shares your spiritual or religious views 100% is like looking for a needle in the haystack.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, finding your one true love is all about being realistic and staying true to who you are. Some women do prefer to be alone for the rest of their lives, especially after the loss of an important person or after a hurtful divorce, but others are simply willing to start over again. One thing is for sure, though: if you are willing to share your life with another man, it is important to understand that you must make some compromises.

Maria Turner