How To Be The Man That Every Woman Wants

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Being universally attractive to women is an ancillary benefit of achieving true sense of self.

Trying to be the man that every woman wants is extremely simple, yet a highly elusive proposition for most guys.  If you’re even asking yourself that question, you’re off on the wrong foot.  Doing anything or acting a certain way just to ‘get girls’ is the antithesis of manhood.

Once you understand who you are and how you want to live, however, women will automatically be drawn to you.  In other words, you can’t make yourself ‘the man that every woman wants’ by using some sort of new-age pickup technique.  Rather, being successful with women comes from developing a true sense of self.

So why is this counterintuitive dynamic true?

To put it simply, changing any aspect of your life or persona just to ‘impress chicks’ says a lot about who you are–and none of it is good. Women like men who are confident, self-assured, and comfortable with who they are and what they want.  In fact, there are 6 main character traits that draw women in like bees to honey.  Find out what they are in this Girlfriend Activation System review.

To make ‘attracting women’ your raison d’etre conveys that you are none of the above.  It also conveys that you are needy, clingy, mentally weak, and that you need external validation to have ‘self-worth’.

You Can’t Do The Right Things For The Wrong Reasons

Once you become the man that you want to be, you’ll automatically become the type of man that every woman wants.  It sounds like an oversimplification and something you might hear from your mother, but it’s really not.

The only way to acquire the skill-set of a universally desirable man is to develop yourself and your strength of character.  It all begins by making yourself your top priority.  After all, you’re the only person in this world truly responsible for how you live your life.

Strive to live with passion and integrity by becoming the person you were meant to be and doing what you were meant to do.   The qualities that women find most attractive in men have nothing to do with how good your abs are or how much swag you have.  In fact, focusing on the superficial, and especially doing it to get chicks, is a clear tell that you’ve yet to abandon adolescence and become a man.

Being a man women want also has nothing to do intrinsically with how much money you have.  While there are qualities that women do want that can lead to affluence, money in itself is meaningless.  It’s who you are that makes you irresistible to women, not what you have.

Individuality, Character, Passion, And Drive

Women want men who are uniquely themselves.  This quality means that you don’t try to emulate the look or behavior of an actor or rapper.  It means that you don’t follow the crowd and want or like things just because they’re popular.

Ultimately, it means that you have your own code for living from which you never deviate.  Doing the right thing in all situations because it’s who you are is what defines character.  You are your own man and should strive to live a life of respect, honesty, and pride.  You don’t need endless external validation to be comfortable and confident with your personal identity.

It’s also essential to follow your passion with vigor and determination.  At some point, you’ll figure out what you were meant to do in life. This passion should be your primary focus and set the direction for your life.

A real man will continue on this path regardless of the external temptations that try to get him to deviate.  This sort of direction demonstrates maturity, responsibility, and a lack of neediness.  Women want you to need them, but are grossly repelled by men who are needy.

Be The Man You Want To Be And Women Will Be Drawn To You

You can’t become the man every woman wants by following a checklist or learning a technique.  That’s no different than trying to act rich when you have no money in the bank.

Being universally attractive to women is an ancillary benefit of achieving true sense of self.  Once you can live life on your own terms with passion and integrity, you’ll never again want for female companionship.

Maria Turner