5 Reasons It’s Great To Be Single (Even If It Doesn’t Always Feel That Way)

womansittinginfrontofflowersDoes it seem like everyone around you is in a happy relationship except for you? Do you find yourself going on blind dates and crossing your fingers that your perfect match is just one date away? Are you known among your friends as the “Serial Speed Dater” or “Miss I Need A Boyfriend”?

Well, guess what?

There is no reason to panic!

It is perfectly normal to feel this way. Just think about it: from the time you were born society has taught you to believe that your sole purpose in life was to find your dream job, buy your dream house, and get married to the man of your dreams.

Television shows like “The Bachelor” and “Scandal” make it look easy to have any guy you desire if you simply show him how much you care. While in reality, your failed attempts to find the perfect guy has caused you to neglect the things that make life amazing.

You have completely forgotten to appreciate what life is really all about, the little things. Today, I have good news. It is not too late to recover those unsung moments!

While you sit around waiting for your celebrity crush to propose to you in a flash mob, time is continuously passing by. Take a break from obsessing about meeting Mr. Right and realize there are actually a lot of positives that result from being single.

Here are My Top 5 Reasons Why Being Single is Great

1. You Can Come And Go As You Please

In a relationship you constantly have to check in and schedule events around your significant other’s obligations. Last minute parties become a thing of the past and you can forget about staying out all night without it causing a fight. Single people are able to stay out all night if they choose to and don’t have to rely on anyone else’s schedule.

2. The Bed Is All Yours

There’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and having to fight your way back onto your side of the bed. No more waking up shivering because your partner is wrapped in all the covers.

Not to mention, you can snore or sleep in any direction you want. Being single, you have full control of the bed. Enjoy it!

3. You Can Flirt As Much As You Want

I think we can all agree that flirting is FUN!

If a cute guy catches your attention, you can give him a lusty stare or a seductive smile so he knows you are interested. Flirt with the waiter, blow kisses at a hot guy eating alone, or talk with other people at the bar.

When you’re single, you can flirt until your heart is content and not have to worry about getting the evil eye from a jealous boyfriend.

4. You Can Wine And Dine Yourself

Get your hair done, put on your best dress, and have a personal date night. Try the ethnic foods you always avoided because your ex wasn’t interested. Order desert or try an exotic drink.  Treat yourself like he should have!  Try something new that you never got around to doing when you were dating.

5. You Can Finally Finish Your Personal Projects

You know the ones: that race for charity, that flower garden you started a few months ago, or how about that bird house you were building?

Get back to it! Finish those projects you put off while you were in a relationship.

Hopefully after reading this article, you are starting to realize that being single really isn’t all that bad. In fact, it’s pretty awesome!

Enjoy being single while you can!  It won’t last forever!

Maria Turner